90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers

Elaine Biech

90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers gathers classic activities from ninety master trainers in one convenient place. The stellar list of trainers includes Bellman, Blanchard, Booher, Crum, de Bono, Kouzes, Masie, Pike, Robinson, Scannell, Silberman, Thiagi, Zenger, and 77 other names you'll know.

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    90 World-Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers gathers classic activities from ninety master trainers in one convenient place. The stellar list of trainers includes Bellman, Blanchard, Booher, Crum, de Bono, Kouzes, Masie, Pike, Robinson, Scannell, Silberman, Thiagi, Zenger, and 77 other names you'll know. Elaine Biech (editor of the Pfeiffer Annuals and author of Training for Dummies) has gathered a powerful and exciting collection of activities from around the globe. The sixteen topics include change management, coaching, diversity, leadership, and teamwork. This invaluable resource presents the favorite activities of some of the most talented trainers in the world—all seven continents are represented. All of these activities have stood the test of time and are presented here for your use to engage teams and groups in collaborative learning. The contributors provide helpful suggestions for adapting the activities to a particular setting or audience and present ideas for adding zest to their favorite activities to ensure that you are as successful with them as they have been. The book is filled with experience and expertise. Combined, the contributors have written and edited almost 800 books and over 3,700 articles and have received hundreds of awards. Many are members of the HRD Hall of Fame and they advise some of the largest organizations in the world. Draw on their expertise and implement several of the activities. Your success is guaranteed.

    Presenting . . . . Section 1:Training and Consulting Topics. Chapter 1: Change Management. Choosing Structure to Fit Intentions (Phil Grosnick). Benefits and Risks (Peggy G. Hutcheson, Ph.D.). Change—But Don’t Drop the Customer (Muralidhar Rao,B.Tech,PGDM,with Max Rodrigues, M.Sc., LL.B,Dip Ind’l Mgt.). Hot Buttons (Joanne G. Sujansky, Ph.D.,CSP). Chapter 2: Coaching,Mentoring, and Feedback. How to Be Impressive When Meeting Someone New (Kevin Daley). Admiration/Fantasy Exercise (Beverly Kaye, Ed.D.). 360 Feedback (Stephen K.Merman,Ed.D.,PCC,CPCC). The Last Time You Were Appreciated (Bob Nelson, Ph.D.). Chapter 3: Communication. The Truth Be Known (Dianna Booher,CSP,CPAE). Learn to Drive a Motorcycle—with Style (Marjorie Brody,CSP,CMC,PCC). Hello! Hello! Can You Hear Me Now?! (Debra A.Dinnocenzo, M.A.). Picture That (Deborah Dumaine). Mute Instructions (Jaime Galvez). Domination Identification (Kristina Gow). Metaphorically Speaking (Ann Herrmann-Nehdi). Open Their Fists (Elliott Masie). Line Up! (Agnieszka Niziol-Kaplucha). Four Facts (Bob Pike,CSP,CPAE). The Shape of Things to Come (Suzanne Adele Schmidt,Ph.D.). Chapter 4: Conflict and Collaboration. Force Follows Force Blindly (Thomas Crum). The Cost of Conflict (Herb Kindler,Ph.D.). Resolving Conflict: Easy as ABCD (Darryl L. Sink, Ed.D.). Magic Matters (Richard T.Whelan, M.A.). Cross the Line (Joe Willmore). Chapter 5: Creativity. Creativity and Collaboration Eggsperiment (Mimi Banta). Doubling Up on Creativity (M.K.Key, Ph.D.). What’s in the Box? (Lenn Millbower,B.M., M.A.). Scavenger Bingo (Steve Sugar,M.B.A.). Tell Me Why (Arthur B.VanGundy, Ph.D.). Chapter 6: Customer Service. Special Delivery (Chip R. Bell, Ph.D.). A Customer Service Dream (William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR,FLMT,CTDP, with Dennis E. Gilbert). Chapter 7: Diversity and Differences. Building Cross-Cultural Awareness (Carol J. Friday, M.A.). Animal Magnetism (Phil Green,B.Ed.,Adv. Dipl. in Primary Ed.,Cert. Ed.). Diversity Crossword Puzzle (Julie O’Mara). Inspirational Parables in the Multiethnic Swirl (Edwina Pio, Ph.D.). Chapter 8: Leadership. Developing Your Leadership Point of View (Marjorie Blanchard, Ph.D.). Quotable Leaders (Marlene Caroselli, Ed.D.). Credo Memo (Jim Kouzes). Board of Encouragement (Jean G.Lamkin, Ph.D.). Leadership Beanbag Volleyball (Robert C.Preziosi,D.P.A.). Laser Beam Bounce (Lorraine L.Ukens, M.S.). Chapter 9: Organizations and Process Improvement. Diagramming a Complex System (Mary L.Broad). Process Improvement in Action (Richard Chang,Ph.D.). Training Vehicles (Jack Zenger,D.B.A.). Chapter 10: Self-Management:Time,Meetings, and Values. What’s Your Priority? (Jean Barbazette). Meeting Norms (John H.O.Purnell, M.S.). Balancing Your Week (Benoit Savard,B.Sc.,M.B.A., and Daniel Genest,B.Sc.). Prioritize Your Values (Bob Younglove, M.Ed., M.A.). Chapter 11: Solving Problems and Making Decisions. Test for Consensus: A Straw Poll (Kristin J.Arnold,M.B.A.,CMC,CPF,CSP). Six Thinking Hats® Quick Assessment (Edward de Bono,Ph.D.). Three-Stage, Successive, Rotating Group Problem Resolution (David W. Jamieson, Ph.D.). Tri-State:A Multiple Role Play (Hank B. Karp,Ph.D.). Oh,You Animal (Richard V.Michaels, M.Ed.,CDP,CCP). Chapter 12:Teamwork. Paper Bridge (Dave Arch). T-Shirt Team (Elaine Biech). Tower Team (Barbara Pate Glacel, Ph.D.). Commonalities and Uniquenesses (Barbara A. Glanz,CSP). Our Similarities (Takako Kawashima, M.A.). Personal Responsibility Pledge (Jeffrey Russell and Linda Russell). What Do We Know About Teams? (Mary B.Wacker). The Paper Project (Edie West, M.Ed.). Section 2:Training Tools and Skill Development. Chapter 13:Trainer and Speaker Skills. Stand-Up Skills (Geoff Bellman). Eyecatching (Björn Fiedler). Ten Requirements for Effective Training (Donald L.Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.). Chapter 14:Tools for Trainers. Bearly There (Pole R. Bear). Are You Sure? (Andy Beaulieu). Online Q & A (Zane L. Berge, Ph.D.). Birds-of-a-Feather (Sharon L.Bowman,M.A.). Four Corners Exercise (Stephen L.Cohen, Ph.D.,CPT). People Hunt (Lois B.Hart, Ed.D.). Question Queue (Patricia A.McLagan, M.A.). Penny for Your Thoughts (Beth A. Schimel,Pharm.D.). Hit or Myth (Harold D. Stolovitch, Ph.D.,CPT, and Erica J.Keeps, M.Ed.,CPT). We’re All a Piece of the Puzzle (Linda Byars Swindling, J.D.,CSP). Thirty-Five (Sivasailam “Thiagi”Thiagarajan, Ph.D.). Getting Senior Managers to Think Creatively (William N.Yeomans). Chapter 15: Icebreakers and Energizers. Incorporation (B.Kim Barnes). Little-Known Fact (Pat Cataldo,M.B.A.). What’s My Line? (Peter R.Garber). At the Movies (Karen Lawson, Ph.D.,CSP). On Time Top Ten Trivia (Dana Gaines Robinson and James C. Robinson). Alphabet Adjectives (Max Rodrigues, M.Sc., LL.B,Dip Ind’l Mgt.). Bingo (Edward E. Scannell,CMP,CSP). Penny Toss (Michal Foriest Settles, Ed.D.). Chapter 16: Closure: Reviewing Content and Transferring Knowledge. Race to Remember (Brooke Broadbent, M.A.). I Got It (Fanny Caballero). Reviewing and Reinforcing with a Beat (Robert “Bob”W. Lucas,B.S., M.A.,CPLP). Quick Content Quiz (Anntoinette “Toni” Lucia). Overcoming Barriers (Jack J. Phillips,Ph.D.). Word Wheel (Bill Sewell, M.P.A.). Index Card Match (Mel Silberman, Ph.D.). About the Editor.
    Elaine Biech is the author and editor of more than three dozen books, including The Business of Consulting, Marketing Your Consulting Services, and The Consultant's Quick Start Guide, all published by Pfeiffer. She is president of ebb associates inc, an organizational development firm that helps organizations work through large-scale change. She has been in the training and consulting field for twenty-six years and conducts strategic planning sessions, facilitates team building, and implements corporate-wide systems.